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2016 Dynamic Positioning Certification Courses in Singapore Announced

MT - Marine Technologies Pte, Ltd will be offering basic and advanced dynamic positioning (DP) courses in Singapore in cooperation with Maersk Training of Denmark.

Basic/Introduction Course – This course will familiarize students with the principles of dynamic positioning. Students will learn how to set up a DP system, as well as gain an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems. Download the course brochure for more information.

Advanced/Simulation Course – This course is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. Students will learn from theoretical sessions, as well as practical simulated exercises using Marine Technologies DP Systems. Download the course brochure for more information.

Please contact Jerry Ling at for scheduling information.

Marine Technologies' DP Training Centre is accredited by the Nautical Institute (NI) in London. The training program is based on NI's DP training scheme, which follows the recommendations contained in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.

infield support vesselMT Awarded Contract with Siem Offshore

Marine Technologies (MT) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract to provide a complete bridge package for Siem Offshore-s new build, a 243-foot (74-meter) infield support vessel (ISV) of Ulstein SX 163 design. The vessel will be built at Fjellstrand Verft in Norway for delivery in 2014, with the potential for a second vessel to follow. MT will supply a Bridge Mate™ Integrated Bridge System (IBS), along with (DP), Joystick (Jx) and Thruster Control (TCS) systems for the project.

New MT Broadband on the Move

Marine Technologies (MT) is proud to introduce their newest two-in-one Ku band VSAT antenna – the MT-BB100 MKIII. Based on the field-proven technology of the BB90 and the BB100, the improved MT-BB100 MKIII features a redesigned parabolic dish for optimal RF performance and feed incorporating cutting-edge computer simulation software used in aerospace missions. The MT-BB100 MKIII offers fast tracking and outstanding signal acquisition, even without an external gyrocompass. Locking information is gathered from an internal tuner, the satellite modem and the AGC (automatic gain control) level.

MT-BB100 MKIII Ku band antennaThe MT-BB100 MKIII antenna is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs less than 143 pounds (65 kg). This lightweight construction allows for the easiest antenna installation on the market. The MT-BB100 MKIII is designed to minimize stress on belts and motors for maximum operational life and minimum maintenance. Thanks to its rigid construction and fast tracking algorithms, the MT-BB100 MKIII antenna maintains remarkable tracking performance at all times, defying ship vibrations and heavy sea conditions.

The carbon fiber parabolic dish features a patent-pending metallic coating, resulting in an extremely lightweight dish, impervious to thermal and mechanical flaws with a smooth, conductive surface. The dish feed mechanism combines deep-space probing technology with internal corrugations to achieve best-in-class impedance matching and a controlled radiation pattern. The combined result is a top-performing ADE (axially displaced ellipse) dish offering highly efficient tracking precision and very low side lobes.

The MT-BB100 MKIII is compliant with the most demanding standards, as required by Anatel, Intelsat and Eutelsat. (*Pending approval; previous models have been approved.)

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